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Monday, April 29, 2024

5150 Car Show - Harrah's Casino

My friend Jim is a jefe with the 5150 Ratrod Club. He invited me to come out and judge the car show yesterday at Harrah's Casino in Rincon. It was a beautiful and great day out there and there were a lot of wonderful cars and extremely nice people. Also a lot of very creative people, in all of the various shapes, sizes and shades.

One of the big draws was the valve cover races.

I don't have time to expound too much, got yoga in ten minutes so I will let the pictures do the talking.

I judged with Mike Lackey, Roy Costello and another guy whose name I didn't catch. 

We agreed on a lot of things but there were a whole lot of great cars there! Hard to pick winners... I was told that there were 144 cars entered.

I have always been a sucker for nice emblems and hood ornaments.


There were a lot of very creative and cool awards given away, all the trophies made by 5150 members.

Jim and Debbie Ramsey

I look forward to returning next year. 

You should come out too!


Margaret Harwood said...

I find most car shows to be a big yawn, but these guys really show some creativity right along with their name. 5150-Danger to self. danger to others and gravely disabled. They are a hoot!

Blue Heron said...

Robert, Thank you for the amazing photos you took at the 5150 Car Show. You captured a great cross-section of the event! I always look forward to seeing your images! This second annual show raised a lot of money for the American Indian Veterans Association and other worthy causes. Many people made this possible by lending a helping hand, you included. Your discerning eye for judging classic vehicles was greatly appreciated. Everyone's time is valuable and the group was very appreciative of yours!

Debbie Ramsey