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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Billy Joel and Sting, Oy.


When I heard that these two guys were touring, my initial thought was that I would sooner have my ears chewed off at the stump than be subjected to one of their concerts. Who had the idea for this double bill?

While I like Sting's work with the Police, I never jibed much with his solo work or his fatuous air of superiority. Billy Joel is just a prick. I have seen how he treats people, not pretty. Can't stand his music.

Melissa and I have a Sting story, we were backstage with him eating one night in Vegas. Very funny. Ask me sometime.


Dave asked me about seeing Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Would be fun but not at $275 a ticket. I can't have fun at these prices. The greatest show I ever say, Thick as a brick, cost me under four bucks.

Thomas Dolby is closer to $75. I would do that, he was so good last time.

I do believe that I am priced out of today's concerts. Like going to Disneyland, I would feel guilty if I didn't have enough fun or the music sucked. Dead and Company, please... rather eat soap.

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