Peregrine flight

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Peter Sprague String Consort

Take three world class jazz musicians, including the best guitar player in San Diego, Peter Sprague, and add an incredible classical string quartet and you have the Peter Sprague String Consort. Last night my friend and guitar teacher Dave and I went to a free concert the ensemble performed at the Encinitas Community Center.

It was an awe inspiring mix. I am humbled to admit that some of the sonic landscape was entirely fresh and foreign to me. Most classical musicians play quite stiffly, these girls can swing! Grapelli squared. Peter is just amazing, an extremely gifted composer and player who combines so many influences; brazilian, southern indian, Metheny, Corea, McLaughlin, Bach, Mozart, Brubeck, Gil Evans, I think I even hear a little Zappa... I go back to the early Dance of the Universe days of the late 70's and this was the best I have ever seen him play. He was performing on his Andy Powers doubleneck, the same gifted luthier who built several of my guitars.

Peter and Co. performed one new song called the end of the internet that was fabulous.  His melody lines were simply brilliant and sublime.

The melding of the two approaches was so tasteful and seamless. If you get a chance, by all means check out this band.

Joined by ace bass player Bob Magnusson and stellar drummer Duncan Moore, the jazz trio are musician's musicians. I bought their new album the wild blue and really look forward to listening.