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Friday, December 18, 2009

Bruce alert

It has been your basic great day, and furthermore a great week. Deals happened, all seems to be moving forward well. My shop looks nice, we're getting ready for the big boffo holiday party and my back is actually feeling a little better after a very bad couple of weeks.

You forget about mobility when your low back seizes up. Probably like losing a big toe, your balance leaves you literally in the lurch. I started taking cal mag citrate, following a chiropractor's advice and it might be helping. Had a cholesterol check this morning. My hdl is way too low. Doctor said that it is hereditary, another reason to blame my parents. God in the old days I talked about sex and now it's all about the ailments.

Bruce the locksmith is one of my best friends. We like the same music, stuff that a lot of other people can't handle. His cousin who also happens to be named Bruce, came by today and the three of us listened to Ray Price, the Delmore Brothers, Jethro Burns, Slim Whitman, Chet, Faron Young and Jerry Reed. Just getting into all this great old music. Bruce is a good guy to have as a friend and to hang out with. These are his hands. He grew up here in Frogbutt and his roots run deep.

He was telling me that his 2&1/2 year old great granddaughter was playing with  her plastic telephone and told her imaginary playmate to shut the f*ck up the other day. Freaked him out and a washout with soap or dirt comes next. But kids say the darnedest things sometimes.

I got toasted the other night on the irish whiskey and couldn't get a safe open and Bruce came and lent his sober hand. Great friend and he rarely will take my money. Rates are subject to change due to the attitude of the customer.

A scummy competitor of his took out about a million fake addresses in the phone book to try to steal Bruce's business this year but the locals got smart. Yay, Bruce. I once went out on a call with Bruce to open a truck in Rainbow. I saw Bruce reach blindly into a coffee can with three hundred key blanks in it and just happen to pull out the right one. First grab. Lucky, I guess.

That's 600 posts this year, same as last year. Could quit right now for symmetry. Consistent. The Blue Heron Blast, your intellectual companion on the world wide web since 2008.

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grumpy said...

first time i've heard The Friendly Village referred to as Frogbutt; nice; hope everyone had fun last night, was thinking of y'all as i fell asleep at 7:00 pm; par for the course these days...