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Thursday, July 22, 2010


I have had new neighbors move in recently. They are opening an art gallery and craft workspace next door for returning veterans. The name of the venture is Artiscape. The principles in the non profit 501 C-3 are Michael McCormick and John Graffio. A link to their website.

Here is their mission statement:

Artiscape's mission is to provide service members an environment to explore and create via artistic projects of any scope. This mission will be accomplished by various programs, including our "Artist in Residence" program.

Artiscape's goal is to help veterans and active duty military adjust to civilian life. The stress of returning from combat is a well documented phenomenon that has afflicted soldiers from every conflict throughout history. Artiscape's programs will provide a place and an environment for active duty military and veterans to engage their minds, hearts and spirit in a peace giving way. We hope these programs will be available to service members no matter where they serve or live.

I wish these guys the best. I know three people in town working on base with PTSD returnees and this could prove to be a great outlet for them, maybe a place to decompress. It's nice to have somebody occupying a space that has lain dormant for too long.

Interestingly neither Director is himself a veteran, but Michael's father came back from his war time experience somehow "changed" and this seems to be dedicated to his memory. I have had some doubts as to the willingness of macho soldier types to engage in this kind of pursuit but they seem to be have a lot of folks bustling about and I may have been wrong. At least I hope so. I am looking forward to their success in this admirable venture. 

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