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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Catch a wave

Robert Louis Stevenson once said, “If youth only knew and age only could.” Now in my sixth decade I think back on photographic opportunities that I unfortunately squandered in my youth and would like to have back. More knowledge now, better equipment, almost know what I am doing.


One of the first places I would revisit would be the Wave in Paria, Utah. A singularly incredible place to shoot with taffy like rock formations.

Too hot now, too far to hike, too out of shape, too hard to win the lottery to get in. One heart attack later. Not that I got horrible shots the first time but I know I could do a lot better. But we don't get that many do-overs in this life so you have to go for it out of the gate.

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Anonymous said...

Getting permission to access Coyote Buttes and Paria Plateau is much easier than it used to be and hence less private. When I first went, access was so strict you had to make your reservation a year in advance (and they even told you what kind of shoes you had to wear on site) but then you had the place all to yourself for 24 hrs. Now they are allowing bigger groups and not making you jump through as many hoops to get access. Luckily, the adjacent slot canyons like Buckskin Gulch are offer easier access from the parking areas, but actually see less foot traffic (and they photograph beautifully). Miss the old days when these sites were still well-kept secrets. Remember when the indian village of Supai’s waterfalls in the Grand Canyon were still so hard to get to you wouldn’t see a tourist within 60 miles (and you could trade a bottle of wine for a place to camp and the use of an indian pony for the week)? Now there is a hotel, coffee shop, and a regular helicopter shuttle for the well-heeled touristas.