Rapt attention

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Peregrine falcon juvenile, Torrey Pines

One of my friends thought that he should let me know that my falcon pictures really weren't up to snuff this year. Says that they lack my usual quality.

I have reached a point with my photography that my skin is a bit thicker than it once was. Funny, you rarely if ever see any personal work from the people who like to criticize the most. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, of course.

He may very well be right. I got some great shots the last several years. Like the one you see above that I never processed until today. Conditions are always different.  Is it possible that I got a little more cooperation from the universe last year?

Like with everything, you have to take what you are given. Maybe I had better opportunities in prior years? Maybe I just suck... In any case I can go to bed and sleep well tonight knowing that I did as best as I could this year. So nice to know that you are scoring from home. Asshole.


Anonymous said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. Maybe you need to switch camera companies?

Blue Heron said...

I love anonymous commenters. So ballsy.

Ted Fleming said...

I think that this is an excellent photo. It's got a natural clarity and sharpness appeal, not overblown with post processing. Love the raptors expression. I can almost feel the feather texture. Keep up the great work!


The Phantom Knows said...

I love this picture. If the winged creature wore a dark pair of glasses and an old Hawaiian Shirt he’d totally resemble the skilled photographer who caught this moment.