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Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Short Rib Tuesday


Getting colder out, I made a large pot of braised short ribs last night. Good hearty meal for chillier evenings.

Well, I thought it was a large pot anyway, somehow they all disappeared. One measly rib left.

The bone in ribs were on sale at Sprouts I think. They are said to have more flavor but didn't seem all that zoftig at first glance.

They may not have looked all that good when we bought them but they got prettier the longer I hung around, like the girl at the bar near closing time.

It is getting so that I can make this sort of cold weather dish in my sleep. Nothing to it, big payoff.

Melissa says that my gustatory adventures need to move from winter into spring soon but I have a freezer full of stuff I need to cook first.

I dredged the ribs in flour and then seared them on medium high heat. Dutch oven has to be really hot. Add about two tablespoons of an oil that won't burn to the kettle and coat the bottom. We use avocado oil typically.

I brought a 19th century sterling silver sugar caster home from work and am using it to judiciously add flour. It is elaborately pierced. Beautiful and works great. Class the joint up a bit.

You may want to slowcook in the oven but make sure you crank it on the stovetop first if you want a good sear on your roasts. Medium high is minimum. Let the dutch oven fully heat up first before you add the ribs.

Listen for the sizzle and wait for the pan to release. Grab the short rib firmly with your tongs. I like my oxo tongs, industrial strength and the ends don't come off. Cheap tongs suck.

Remove the ribs to a plate. Deglazed the pan with a nip of wine and prodded the flavorful burned bits off the fond with a wooden spoon. Added ten minced cloves of garlic, celery, potatoes, carrots and tomato paste. Cooked them all up for a few minutes. Searched for an onion but Leslie threw out the one I was hiding. You want a great garlic mincer, try this one. Works so good!

Stuck the ribs back in. Then poured in the bone broth and chianti. My wife says the wine has to be good or why bother? It was. Try to cover about two thirds of the meat in liquid for this sort of braising. It cooks off but you are left with a very tasty gravy.

Seasoned with onion salt, thyme and rosemary. Very basic. Added some fresh rosemary from the garden. Salt and pepper. A little more garlic. That's it. Adjust spice and let it come to a soft boil. Into the oven. Three hours at 350°. I took a look at my insta-read thermometer and it registered at about 202°. Definitely cooked but still succulent and moist.

Quite delicious. Obviously fell right off the bone. Somewhat caramelized.

If you're short a rib, I might have had it. But it's gone now.

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Valerie Tate said...

Yummmmm....I know what we are having tomorrow! I will be at Sprouts tomorrow to purchase the ribs. Thanks for sharing your recipe!