Rapt attention

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Land of Enchanted Skies

El Dorado mud puddle

Venus and stars over Monument Valley

This is one of the very few years, if any, in the last thirty where I have not spent August doing shows in Santa Fe, due to both health and financial reasons. 

It is sort of weird not being in New Mexico. What do I miss?

Well, I miss my friends and fellow dealers, my clients and the camaraderie. The business for sure. 

Breakfast at the Pantry, dinner at Harry's. 

Hanging out with Steve Saylor, hiking around. 

Stealing some time at the Randall Davey Audubon Preserve.

But mostly I miss the clouds and the sky. 

Pecos. Qurai. Magdalena. Peñasco. Jemez Springs. Socorro.

I have been looking through some old shots and reminiscing. 

I wish everybody the best of luck at the shows. I hope to be back one day.

Nuns at the Salt Pueblo

Clouds near Pecos Pueblo

Pecos lightning strike

Early light, Canon de Chelly


Ken Seals said...

Escellent! Brings back great memories of NM to me, too.

Jon Harwood said...

Outstanding set of pictures. I particularly like the Nuns.

xoxnic said...

you are missed this year!

Blue Heron said...

thank you N.