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Wednesday, June 5, 2024


I thought that these stories were interesting:


Full list of GOP voting against contraception access.


Los Angeles DPW shtupps the Eastern Sierras.


The story of Jocko Sutherland. I had already sent this out when Jerry sent it to me.

Outlandish stories swirled around Jock, who was sometimes called the Sunshine Superman, for a popular variety of LSD known as Orange Sunshine. On the North Shore, he and his pals liked to start their acid trips in the mountains of the Ko‘olau Range, which runs down the east side of Oahu. They knew the mountain streams, and where to find the old work camps from the sugarcane plantations, which had been abandoned as Hawaii’s sugar industry shrank. The workers had kept fabulous gardens, which were now full of wild fruit and vegetables. At some point, Jock’s troupe would head for the coast, to rinse off the day’s psychic grime in the surf.

Psychedelics weren’t harmless—we all came to know many acid casualties. But they had, as many contemporary researchers know, the power of revelation, the potential to expand self-awareness. Jeff Hakman, the other young haole phenom of the period, told an interviewer that the best surfing experience of his life had been enhanced by LSD, and shared with Sutherland. “We used to call him the Extraterrestrial because he was so good at everything,” Hakman said. “He could beat anyone at chess or Scrabble; he could smoke more hash than anyone, take more acid, and still go out there and surf better than anyone.” 




I'm not a criminal, I'm just "justice impacted."

... Democratic lawmakers plan to introduce House Bill 4409 to amend the Illinois Crime Reduction Act of 2009 in order to rename "offenders" as "justice-impacted individuals."



Four more October 7th Israeli hostages found dead in Hamas custody more than a third presumed dead. What do you hear from the squad and the progressive college students about this atrocity? 


Because Hamas is engaging in righteous armed resistance. And you know if they were in charge how much better it all would be. Israeli Arabs vote and hold positions in the Knesset, even some that advocate for the extermination of Israel.

You think they would let Jews hold office in Gaza? Or Saudi Arabia for that matter?

Think again.


In the weeks after Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel, Rep. Jamaal Bowman not only publicly cast doubt on reports that Israeli women were raped, but also called those accusations “propaganda.”

“There was propaganda used in the beginning of the siege,” Bowman (D-N.Y.) told a Nov. 17 rally of about 50 pro-Palestinian protesters in Westchester, according to a post on TikTok reviewed by POLITICO. “There’s still no evidence of beheaded babies or raped women. But they still keep using that lie [for] propaganda.”

Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman is in a real political primary fight In New York. AOC is castigating fellow democrats for turning on Bowman. I would certainly never vote for the guy. Apparently he is even too anti-semitic for J Street.

Bowman was captured on video last November calling Israel an “apartheid” state as he angrily claimed reported rapes and child murders during the Oct. 7 attack were a “lie.”

He later walked back the comments after being accused of spreading Hamas propaganda.

During a debate last month, Bowman argued that the phrase “From the river to the sea” — which is generally interpreted as a call to eradicate the Jewish state — wasn’t hateful. 

If Bowman and Cortez truly want to cut the Jews out of the democratic herd, they definitely need to continue the hateful rhetoric. 

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Sanoguy said...

There is a good article, a rather long one, about Jock Sutherland in the June 10 New Yorker magazine. Great article about a guy who is an important part of surfing's history. The article was written by William Finnegan the author of Barbarian Days, A Surfing Life.... a great book about the author's own surfing history.

I met Finnegan at a book signing for Barbarian Days a few years ago. Great guy. Great writer.