Thursday, June 20, 2024

Brought to you by Ricardo of Beverly Hills

How's your suitcase looking? Frankly, mine is a little shabby. I'm on the road a lot, dragging the poor thing up crumbling concrete stairways at some wayward Motel 6.

But I scored this week. Tattered suitcase no more.

I had a vehicle registration problem and Leslie, my very wise wife, told me to go to AAA and that they would sort it out.

They did so, after first socking it to my wallet but hey, problem solved.

Anyway, I am making idle chatter with the exceedingly nice girl behind the counter when I spy this sign, free suitcase - ask me how?

Well, I did just that and it turns out that all I had to do was try to open a triple a credit card account and I would bring home this Ricardo of Beverly Hills hard side suitcase, airport cargo bin approved.

Hot diggity, I did just that.

Turns out they charge you exactly one dollar for this lovely carry-on.

So I now have a high interest rate no fee credit card that I will never use but I think this blue bad boy makes it all worth it.

It is actually a very nice hardshell unit, the inside has some high end appointments that my other suitcases don't.

Everybody has AAA, go get one for yourself.

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