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Saturday, June 8, 2024

Google > Santa

He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake...

I got in my car and started it up this morning. My phone instantly made a noise. My iphone notifications wanted to tell me that it was only 15 minutes to Main St. Cafe with a good tailwind. Normally it tells me how far it is to my office. But the great Google God knows all about you and your schedule and obviously knew that I tend to spend Saturday mornings at Main St. Cafe.

I sort of wish that he didn't. This level of intrusion is honestly getting spooky. I know how far it is to town, been doing it for over forty years. I know who my friends are, I don't need prompts to send birthday greetings to near strangers on Linked In, or see what so and so is doing on Instagram. I also don't like getting plied to provide Yelp reviews on restaurants that I may have drove by but never actually stopped into.

If my friends want to know, they can ask me or read the blog. 

But I hate feeling tracked. I hate having my data mined, online, offline, phone line, it's out of line. I know you want to sell me something. Believe me, if I am interested I will let you know without prodding. I don't need your help shpieling. Or writing. Or creating art for that matter.

I feel completely non impressed with AI and Chat GPT.  Besides cleaning up a little noise in Lightroom, it is useless for me. Why? Because I am a naturally creative person and I don't need any artistic help. I do just fine on my own, using my own eye and brain. The stuff it produces always looks contrived and cartoony to me, devoid of beauty. Pretend creativity.

I have yet to hear a robot tell a joke that could make me laugh. When the robots get truly funny I will pay attention. But as we all know, humor is rooted in pain and I have also yet to see a robot cry. Anything but crocodile tears anyway. And they rust so easily.

I can see how non artistic people can allow them selves to be fooled with all this newfangled technology but honestly, I think it is a pretend crutch for the lazy and talentless. 

Waiting to be shown different...


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