Blue Heron in flight

Monday, June 3, 2024


Leslie dropped her car off at the body shop today and I asked her if she wanted to have lunch. She suggested the Pho place near Major Market.

"Uggh," I exclaimed. I went there once and the food was so bad I swore never to return.

"No," she said, "It's new owners, it is all different. I walked by and it smelled great."

Now I trust my wife's schnozz, it is pretty infallible. I would have to trust her on the new ownership. But the funny thing is, famous gem dealer Bill Larson lives in Fallbrook and we always run into each other eating, tending to like the same types of food.

He recently told me that the place was really good now.

My wife and I drove over to Photastic together. 

Our hosts were engaging and friendly, not at all like the original owners.

The place did smell great and it had a new menu.

We ordered an appetizer combo of spring rolls and egg rolls with two dipping sauces which was great. 

Leslie had a combo vermicelli bowl and rather than have my customary bun bo hue, I ordered a chicken banh mi sandwich.

Food was delicious and we will certainly be back.

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