Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Calling Doctor Neon...

Leslie and I were invited to the opening of the Sawdust Festival in Laguna last night. Out pal Dr. Neon is a longtime vendor there. He told us that parking would be crazy and to park at the Providence Hospital in South Laguna and take the trolley in.

He gave us the secret password. We did as we were instructed and gained early admission. The lines to get in were incredibly long but we ixnayed due to some fast talking on my part.

It was fun to walk around and I bought a beautiful ceramic teapot from Walter Reiss, loved John Lucero's dayglow paintings.

I bet the guy who made the Five Summer Stories piece he didn't know the name of this surfer in his carving. (I won - El Chingaderro Boyd Elder)

They had a good band and I loved watching Dr. Neon do his schtick.

We enjoyed the festivities, everybody was having a good time.

Laguna is a bit compressed for this country boy but we saw some pretty people and some whose bloom was off the bud.

Sonia is in the first group.

I sat up high on a rail and people watched.

The only drag was getting home.

We went out to the trolley stop and there was no trolley, one sailed right through.

We walked to the beach, a considerable truck and waited at that trolley stop.

Leslie finally called the number on the trolley sign  and the city told her the trolley stopped at six, which was ridiculous on a night when so many people were in the canyon and we had been directed to park over four miles away.

I hadn't ubered in years and found out that my credit card had expired, had to pee like crazy, finally located an uber and he took us to our car.

Very poor planning, will not make that mistake again.

Of course there are no restaurants open after ten, so after a look through dana point, capo and San Clemente, we finally found a Mexican joint where we could eat something and I could take care of my personal business! Yea!

All in all, a good evening. Thanks Doc!

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