Blue Heron in flight

Monday, June 3, 2024


Here's a great headline from law enforcement. Sort of like the D.C. police endorsing the guy who had them beaten up on January 6th. Goes to show that clan affiliation and partisan politics trumps ethics and common sense.

Bianco is a total loser, always has been. He was an Oath Keeper and has been endorsed by the notoriously far right and neo-fascist Claremont Institute.

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, CA — In a video posted Saturday to his Instagram account, Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco endorsed Donald Trump for president, saying, "I think it's time we put a convicted felon in the White House."

"I'm all in," said Bianco, who has hinted he may run for California governor in 2026. "Trump 2024, baby. Let's save this country and make America great again."

In the video, Bianco dons his county law enforcement uniform while lashing out at state leaders, particularly Gov. Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Rob Bonta, over what he calls their "love for criminals."

Bianco said in the video that the state leaders might be "on to something," so he's decided to "change teams" by backing a felon for president.

Of course, it is most probable that he is breaking the law by even making this endorsement in his uniform. Or do laws even matter anymore?

A California statute prohibits public employees from wearing their uniforms when engaging in political activities. Government Code section 3206 provides that "no officer or employee of a local agency shall participate in political activities of any kind while in uniform."

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