Thursday, June 27, 2024

Robert and Leslie's Pesto Prawns

My friends Lena and Ron had bought way too many prawns and asked me if I wanted some. The shrimp were very large and still had the heads on and my pals were a bit burnt out from cleaning them. Did I want them? Sure I did.

I decided to ask my friend Joel how his wife Lauren makes shrimp. Lauren is a Kiwi but was raised in Australia I think. All those people down under know their prawns.

Lauren told me that she liked to do it this way, the way they do it back home. I listened and gave it a shot. 

I cut off the shrimp heads, cut the shells off too and de-veined the shrimp. I washed them in cold water, cleaned them and patted them dry.

I stuck the peeled prawns in a garlic olive oil marinade and added, salt, pepper, garlic powder, red pepper and garlic, let them sit.

I cooked the shells and shrimp heads in a cast iron skillet with a little olive oil for five minutes, stirring quite a bit. 

I took the shells and heads and put them in a sealed bag in the trash. I let the pan cool down, as she instructed.

What was left in the pan was full of flavor and would be what I cooked my shrimp in. 

I added a little water at the end and cooked the sauce down at a simmer.

This is how a lot of people make shrimp broth for things like risotto. 

The flavors get highly concentrated.

Leslie made some wonderful pesto recently and we still had a tub in the fridge. 

After we made our pesto pasta I put two tablespoons of butter in my shrimp pan and brought it to medium heat. 

Cooked about two minutes a side.

Topped it with parmesan and we were good to go.

I don't know that I will cook shrimp like this all the time but the flavors did seem more intense, almost too shrimpy, and it was an interesting thing to try.


Anne and Ivan's son Daniel was down at the Hillcrest Farmer's Market and he was kind enough to bring me organic peaches.

There is nothing worse than a bad peach and nothing better than a good one. 

This was a good one. So sweet.

I made my basic and I think arguably my best scone last night, straight peach walnut with a bit of lemon zest. Topped it off with a molasses sugar.

Pretty freaking wonderful.

These are hard to beat and hard to stay away from.

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