Peregrine flight

Friday, June 28, 2024

Wrangler Leslie Jane

🐄 One of the neighbors' cows kicked their way out of the pasture yesterday. Leslie spent about an hour and a half corralling it back in, with the help of another neighbor or two.

I looked at the fence as I left this morning. 

Leslie, in true frontier spirit, taped the posts and rails back together with duct tape, it looks pretty cool. I will try to take a picture later.


Leslie followed me home after we got back from the Sawdust Festival and called me en route, she said my rear lights were not working and we passed a cop. 

I went to the mechanic yesterday and he couldn't find anything wrong so I will continue to look.

Anyway, I got to coffee today and the fob would not lock the car or open the rear hatch. It was strange because the keyless car started so there had to be enough juice in the fob battery for that.

I asked the boys and they said replace the battery. I drove to Joes and I pull it out and realize in an instant that I had put the van battery back on the ring and not the car and that is why my vehicle would not start.

Duh. 👀

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