Saturday, June 29, 2024

Saturday Scones are full of red and purple

I had a very strange lunch. I was invited to Village Roots by a couple of friends and we started talking about the debates and policy and the issues of the day. My friends happen to be Republicans, I believe, but we respect each other's opinions and everything was very constructive. And I don't actually care who they are voting for, it is really not my business.

Like most people today, no current options seem really good and we were bouncing some prospective names around. We told a couple jokes, had fun, nothing bawdy. I mostly was condemning the progressive left and mentioned that we could do worse with candidates than a Jon Tester or Gretchen Whitmer.

There was a guy and his wife sitting close by, about my age or a little younger. Looked like a rich stockbroker or something like that, slick Orange County Republican. Short guy, blond, round glasses. Wife, skinny, eyes soulless.

All of a sudden the guy gets up from his meal and starts screaming at me, he is leaving, he can no longer listen to obscenity from a Democrat. This left us all a bit rattled, personal politics not withstanding. I asked him what exactly I said that was obscene and he said that I had mentioned that Gavin Newsom was a bit slick and "pussified."


In the first place, the guy should have minded his own damn business, we were having a private conversation at our table, but since when did pussified become such a terrible obscenity? I was happy to see Mr. Angry leave, the truth is some people just hate Democrats and I could hear it in the way he enunciated or spit out the word.

Most adults learn to tolerate different beliefs, especially when they are not invited to participate, but some people would rather throw an angry tantrum like a baby.

I was glad to see him go, the guy was definitely way too tightly wound. Kind of ruined our lunch. And it goes to show that it is not really safe to talk any kind of politics in a public place when people are so rattled and divided as they are today. 


I went home to my safe domicile and decided to end the day on a better note, with scones. RoxAnn brought me boysenberries earlier and I made a new variety, boysenberry, cranberry, blueberry with ginger and walnuts.

It was a nice batch, I liked the dough consistency and purple color. I think I could do this in my sleep. Sometimes the berries can make things too wet but everything was perfect this time.

Leslie wanted an icing and I made a new one, Valencia orange juice and zest, mixed with cream and butter and confectioner's sugar.

Really good! I think all who eat them will agree, no matter what their political leanings.


Blue Heron said...

1) I despise eavesdroppers. They need to get a life.

2) Your scones just keep looking better and better. You have hit the “decadent” category, my friend.

Debbie Ramsey

Ken Seals said...

Re Newsome... you are right, but he is far worse than that!

Liz said...

I wish you were here making scones. Of course, we would probably disagree about politics - I am still as left wing as I was in the 60’s. The only thing I agreed with Don about was his politics