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Monday, June 3, 2024

Erica's Sourdough

I stopped at Major Market yesterday to get provisions for dinner, they ended up having baseball cut sirloins on sale that were wonderful. I seared and roasted them and made spinach as well, then made peach ginger scones to top it all off.

Getting back in the cooking groove. Pear tarts tomorrow, maybe Cornish game hens?

Anyway as I was getting out of my car I saw my friend Jim standing around in the parking lot, quite suspiciously like he was waiting for a dope deal.

I told him and he laughed. 

He was waiting for Erica, a woman who makes delicious sour dough bread and sells it around town.

She makes it fresh to order, Jim says it is really good and tasty.

She can be reached at 760-421-8704.

She drove up and he made the score, a loaf of blueberry lemon sourdough, which sounds very interesting.

She also makes starter. I haven't made bread in a while and have killed my last two starters, not quite ready to take the plunge again yet but will someday.

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The Phantom Knows said...

This bread is a little slice of Heaven.