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Saturday, June 8, 2024

Chef Bobardee

It's not that I'm not obsessive, I clearly am. It's just that I don't do well with failure or not meeting my unreasonably high objectives.

I liked my pear tart, it was great in fact. Hazelnuts, cream cheese base, it was scrumptious. But tarts are about pastry dough and my gluten free sheets from Italy clearly did not cut it.

So I went on line to find the Cadillac of store bought pastry sheets, Dufour from the Bronx. 

All butter, no Palm oil or shortening. 

Tres Bien!

Renee buys it in her tony groceries in Marin up north but it is apparently very hard to find down here.

It said online that Albertsons carried it. I drove over. They lied. Then I went to Sprouts in Temecula. Nothing doing.

Yesterday I drove to Kensington and then the Whole Foods in Hillcrest. Their website says that they carry it too.

Maybe, but not there.

I finally grabbed the customer service guy and corralled him to start calling around to other stores. He located four boxes in Del Mar.  Terrible traffic but I was on a pastry quest.

Bingo. I braved the freeway and bought my dough. I bought two boxes for Renee.

I also bought some organic peaches that were affordable and looked sweet.

Today I experimented with the new dough. Made a tray of apple walnut tarts with a butter base and a blackberry apple batch with a cream cheese base. We are taking the over to Renee's for dinner. She has both whipping cream and ice cream and we will put these babies to the test. 

Pastry looks so much better! 

Nice flaky crust, which I gave an egg wash.

Night and day.

Only drove about two hundred miles back and forth for this.

Peach tarts tomorrow.

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Julie Hardesty said...

Major Market sells the Dufour puff pastry! Haha! I buy it all the time. What you really need to do is buy the puff pastry sold only during the holidays at Trader Joe's. The BEST!!! Only sold in November and December. Get 'em while you can because the sell out fast.