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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Blast Reader Photos from 2019

Balinese dancer - Helen McHargue
Ken Seals
strange kitchen company - Jeff Olson

Golden Girls - Bill Warmboe
Nitza Lite

Taos - Bob Booth
Dave Jacobs
Xmas in El Dorado - John Fillmore
Albany bulb view - Melissa Rossi

96 year old great grandfather Nicolas with great granddaughter Clarissa, five months. - Jerry Hall

New Charleston Bridge - Carol Gammeter
Hiking Buddies - Linda Sherwood
Arizona skyways - Kerry Johnson
Me and my pal, Sean Lennon - Leslie Sommers
Steve Saylor

Ready for the frying pan - Steve Eich
New Years countdown 2019, Tha Phae Gate, Chiang Mai - Richard Neumann
Call in the clouds - Renee O'Brien
Best dessert ever - Renee Ingold
One toke over the line - Shawn Mayes

Dyjandi Falls, Iceland - Warren Gammeter
Retired Ore Deck, Marquete, Michigan - Shirley Timberman

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco - Bill Olson
Warren Bishop
Cam Wilde
Edinburgh - Dominick Grossi
Roy Cohen
V-22 Osprey Squadron, Del Mar - Ron Holder

Last photo - Doug Garn

Gulfstream Buddies - James O'Donnell
Selfie - Jon Harwood

Living room light - Jonathan Hill
Jill Cole
Southwest landscape - Robert Davis
Bob Weir - Mike Reardon
Tanya in Malta Cave - Jeff Nichols
Sun Shades - Kip Peterson
Cardiff Rainbow - Lena Leichtling
Glenn Bray and Lena Zwalve

Pat Robinson
Alaska, the magic of muffled snow - Jeff Barney

Keep them coming folks, great stuff!


KAT JOY said...

I guess I missed the deadline for photos, paintings, or poems?

Blue Heron said...

Nope, it says keep them coming, send something over.