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Wednesday, December 4, 2019


I had my immunotherapy dose this morning. The previous infection is now gone so I was good to go. It was very rainy this morning, long ride to and from Hillcrest. Everything went well with the treatment.

On the way back I stopped at Ron's and did the required turns on my side and back so that the bcg virus could permeate all the nooks and recesses of my bladder.

Afterwards I went to New Balance to look for shoes. Didn't buy any, too expensive and the last pair are falling apart. I ate lunch in Carlsbad and then drove inland to the Nordstrom Rack to see if I could find anything cheaper.

Hopefully not getting too personal but at this point I really had to pee. You are supposed to keep the immuno stuff in for two hours and I was way past that. But I can't pee just anywhere. Why? Well, let me tell you.

Because my pee now officially qualifies as a hazardous material.

The paperwork I was given stressed that upon relieving myself, said toilet has to be disinfected with bleach. Pregnant women are at a slight risk for picking up tuberculosis if left untreated. I learned my lesson after the first session with the drug.

I stopped at a friend's restaurant and ate, then used the facilities. I suddenly remembered, asked for bleach and gave the toilet a cursory cleaning. But I reread the instructions when I got home and the bleach is supposed to sit for at least fifteen minutes. I frantically got a hold of my friend that night and he said not to worry and his son went over and sanitized the place with the full blown treatment. This is serious business.

It was an hour ride back to my office but it felt more like forever with a full bladder.

On my way to the store for Clorox.

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KJ said...

Pee Bottles, recycle as bio Molotov cocktails.