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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Strictly partisan

Every time I open up politically there are a rash of comments declaring whataboutism and equivalence. I'm a liberal poo poo head, if Repubs are bad, Dems are worse, we hated Obama too, both parties suck, etc..

Now I personally don't think that the Democrats are as bad as the Republicans, in fact this administration's tenets and actions are like a poster child for everything I abhor, from their environmental record to their record on social issues and foreign policy and pretty much everything in between. So the choice is clear for me. Your choice is your choice. I'm not going to please everybody, I learned that a long time ago. Not going to try.

I read a conservative talking head opining yesterday about Trump's rescuing us from a lagging Obama economy.

thanks for sending this, Kip!
Now that is not exactly historically correct but for the sake of argument, if I was to pretend that it was, do people not remember that Obama stepped in to sweep up the horrible mess from the great recession of the Bush years?

Unfortunately, Democrats always have to clean up the messes. Republicans have conveniently short memories. We have had ten years now without a recession, at the expense of massive debt and spending.

The clock is now ticking.

The truth is that things have mostly proceeded steadily.

Obama vs. Trump economy.

Looks like Obama did most of the heavy lifting here, doesn't it?

There is nothing wrong with having a political opinion, not sure I trust people who don't have one, either way.

Hudgins sent a thoughtful piece over yesterday from Heather Cox Richardson, specifically the part about the influence of Russian money on our political system.

Mark Galli's now famous editorial calling for Trump's removal in Christianity Today.

Lev Golinkin on Giuliani, Soros and anti semitism.


Republicans claim that Dems wanted to impeach Trump from his first day in office. That is not exactly true. We just knew that it was just a matter of time before the morally bankrupt liar did himself in.


Sanoguy said...

“Morally bankrupt liar” is an apt description of the Cretin!

Anonymous said...

My feelings exactly, but I wouldn't have been so nice about saying it. ~ Diane O

Jhciacb said...

Well put. Well supported. Thank you.