Peregrine flight

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Wasn't meant to be.

I have been getting ready for a four day solo trip next week to Yosemite. Borrowed some filters from Ken, ordered and received new snow chains, assembled my warm clothes, booked my motel rooms last week. Really excited to be out in frosty nature, to get some fabulous winter shots of our beautiful national park. Haven't been back since my father died. Wanted to shoot something epic.

And now it's not going to happen. I just cancelled the room. I was all set to go next Thursday morning, the day after my last immunotherapy treatment in this initial run. But it turns out that Wednesday is a popularly celebrated holiday called Christmas, who knew?

The doctor's office is closed and I have to get the treatment now next Friday, which would have been square smack in the middle of my trip. Had to cancel. Damn. Best laid plans of mice and men. The health treatments are top priority. One more infusion and then they need to biopsy me again.

The doctor told me this morning that if they find anything it will be a "whole new story." I gave it my best shot, but nothing is assured. Fingers crossed. Maybe I will bite the bullet and stay at the Awahnee next time I make it to Yosemite. Hope I don't have to wait too long for that to occur. Itching to get out and shoot.

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Anonymous said...

My best wishes to you. I keep my fingers crossed every time I read the Blast. Great shot of Yosemite!