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Friday, December 13, 2019

Call for submissions

We have had an end of the year Blast group photo post every year since way back in 2012.

I encourage all of you to send me a meaningful picture that you have taken in the past year.

Even you lurkers out there or old members who have gone dark along the way. Time to chime in and be recognized.

If you can't decide on one, send me two and I will decide.

Your year may have sucked, your year may have been great, here is the chance to express yourself.

You may have taken a great vacation, you may have been stuck at a desk or in a breadline. It's all good.

They don't have to be arty, professional, witty, good or any other adjective of your choosing, as long as they mean something to you and you feel like sharing.

If you are a painter, send in a painting, if you are a poet, send in a poem. We don't have a lot of time, pick something and send it in.

send to: azurebirds at gmail dot com

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