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Friday, December 20, 2019

2020 Vision

I wanted to use this apt and handy metaphor before it gets driven into the ground so very soon. Have to confess to stealing it from the sports page this morning but I guarantee that I am an early adopter and deserve a bit of dispensation.

On the precipice of a new decade we hominids need to carve out a fresh vision for the future, figure out a way to be a bit nicer to each other. Hopefully next year will presage the turn. But I'm not exactly placing any bets.

Our world is in very sad shape. We have pandered and catered to our most base and craven tendencies. Racism, hate, stupidity and nationalism are experiencing a global rebirth not seen in such stark evidence since the late thirties. Comity and compromise have fled the coop.

I received a comment on my blog directing to a pro fascist British website this morning. I deleted it. Things that are so nasty and virulent to be unmentionable just a few years ago are now widely evoked.

The Trumps, Bannons and Stephen Millers of our world are feeding the flames. The results are seen daily in our newspapers and the comments sections of our media servers.

I don't know how things are going to end but we keep this sort of stuff up and it won't end well. We are in a major retrograde action and our earth, air and water can only take so much. In the words of Steve Miller (the other Steve Miller), time to make the world turn around.

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Liz said...

No idea of where to put this but I am reading a fantastic Jewish cookbook and found this quote from Jonathon Gold. It reminded me of our childhood.

My dad's idea of being Jewish was taking us to a Jewish deli. He felt more Jewish there than he did in shul.