Rapt attention

Tuesday, July 18, 2023


The doctor texted me last night. They finally cultured the infection. I was unfortunately on the wrong antibiotic. Today I get to start over with something else. We will get this sorted out. Eventually.

I am definitely feeling better, in any case, don't see how I could have kept it together the track I was on, so happy I postponed the rest of the treatment.

This was to be the month where I saw everything implode and it has been pretty true to form although I did have a sale come through unexpectedly that will provide some needed oxygen. High hopes for Santa Barbara. It has been a perfect storm, honestly.

Butcher Bird

My sister came back from a trip to Italy and Croatia with a serious respiratory virus that has knocked her and her husband flat. Unfortunately. she also now has permanent hearing loss in one ear. My friends Bob and Sandy came back from Europe recently with Covid, a familiar refrain. So many people I know are getting Covid right at the beginning or end of their travels. I am not sure airplanes and terminals are such safe places?

Barry is going to Italy with his daughter in a few months. I sent him my Parma and Florence Vlog. I have all sorts of friends traveling in Spain, Scotland, Germany, Portugal. I have to wonder if I will ever right my ship and be able to travel again? Even Hawaii would be such a blessing.

I just don't see it in the cards or on my ouji board. The current message is, suffer baby, you had your fun. Of course, I have been certainly blessed in my life. Africa, Caribbean, Europe, the Mediterranean. If I had known I was using up my lifetime fun credits perhaps I would have staggered it a little bit. The last trip to France was of course, a serious dud, all work and no play, so that one doesn't count. But I do fantasize about getting away again one day, after I have paid off all my karmic perfidy.


I was thinking about money this morning as I drove out to DeLuz to return a consignment I could not sell. It does do a remarkably good job of shielding the people who are fortunate enough to have it from stress.

Insulates you from the ravages. Pays for you or your kid's shrink or rehab if you or they step over the line. Can give a guy or gal pretty much a dream life. But you know what, it is never airtight. Visit a senior home or Alzheimer's clinic or bankruptcy hearing or even a morgue if you don't believe me.

78 year old man laid his harley down on 15 the other night. Tractor trailer that ran him over never even felt a bump. Three year old shot a one year old sibling yesterday in Fallbrook. So sad. How could you ever prepare yourself for such a tragedy?

And that's the deal. You can't. No matter how set you think you are, how wealthy, how smart, if the universe decides not to play along all of a sudden you find yourself three months out on a skiff with your dog drinking rainwater and snaring and eating raw fish to survive. We can all be reduced to our knees in about twelve seconds, just ask the poor people in KIev. When your number gets called, none of it will make a lick of difference.

My compliments to the sailor. I saw Logan's Run. Both this guy and the dog survived. Always loved a happy ending. But eventually, no matter how good you are, the bell tolls for thee. Live it up while you can.


Ken Seals said...

Very nice set of photos!!

Wilbur Norman said...

Pleased to read you feel better - even if only marginally.

Sometimes we take what we can by way of improvement!

It was great to see you for a hot minute at the show!