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Saturday, July 15, 2023


It is hot, you guys are slacking a bit. 

Shawn sent this map that chart all the roads in the world. Case you get lost. He also sent this cool shirt idea over.

I graduated with flying colors. Lots of them.

Cam wants us to see what happens to spiders on drugs.

Saylor wanted me to check out Sierra Hull and Billy Strings. I didn't see the actual performance but the practice sure sounds good. 

Jacobs went and saw the first of the three last Dead & co shows at Oracle Field. 

Better him than me. Do you know that Dead & Co. grossed over $434 million dollars on the tour, has to be a record for a cover band.
Irving Azoff, who along with Steve Moir co-manages Dead & Company with Activist Artists Management’s Bernie Cahill, said he wasn’t surprised by the band’s phenomenal tour success and boffo box office numbers, which include an impressive total tour gross thus far of more than $434.2 million and 4.08 million tickets sold.

That kind of gelt will buy you a bunch of villas in France, eh? Serious scratch. I will put a tie dye on for that.

Ricardo sends this primer on Chinese negotiation strategy.

Ray sent this. Might be a repeat but always good.

Anthropocene era begins...

Mel sent a few cartoons over...

Jerry Hall sends a Perry Farrell rooftop gig from the Pendry in Chicago, the place we stayed last year. Sounds great!

If you can get through the paywall at WaPo, Dana Milbank is worth reading today.

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