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Friday, July 14, 2023

Calling Doctor Zorba

Friday has not been a very good day for me of late. The last couple Friday afternoons have found me hunched over, fists clenched in agony, or soaking in the tub, reeling from a cytotoxic storm as the cancer treatment courses through my system. This continued on through the next Wednesday or Thursday.

Today was different. I drove to my ten o'clock appointment and asked the nurse if my lab work had come back from LabCorp. with my results yet? She didn't know what I was talking about and I reminded her that I thought I had another infection and that the doctor had approved the lab work and had prescribed antibiotics.

She asked me if I had taken one today and I said of course I had. I was then told that I could not undergo the treatment today as it would be counteracted by the cephlex. Nobody ever told me.

I have never been so happy to miss a treatment. The last two weeks have been hell. The doctor came by and apologized, said that there was an infection but it had not been identified yet and would not be properly identified until Monday night.

I asked her if I could put off the next two treatments until August and she assented. This will allow me to live a normal life for a couple more weeks and properly prepare for my upcoming show in Santa Barbara. I am not yet sure how I would have mad the Friday treatment work with a three day packup and a Wednesday setup for a show feeling as bad as I have.

This buys me time and spreads the pain around and I am down with that. Was a two hour drive I didn't need to take but it all worked out well.

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