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Friday, July 21, 2023

Try harder...

The Republican party really, really wants RFK Jr. to represent the Democratic party. Guess what, it ain't going to happen. Honestly, it doesn't really matter what they want, the guy is a liar, a conspiracy spreader and an idiot and we will make up our own minds. And try as they might, he is getting little traction among dems. The most recent Quinnipiac poll shows him currently behind Biden 71 to 14%.

The race for the Democratic presidential nomination is also largely unchanged from a month ago. President Joe Biden receives 71 percent support among Democratic and Democratic leaning voters, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an environmental lawyer and anti-vaccine activist receives 14 percent support and Marianne Williamson, an author, receives 7 percent support.

As bad as the GOP wants him to be, he is not now, nor will he ever be a factor.

Sorry, it is just the way it is. 

Neither will Sinema, or Manchin or Cornell West or any of the other candidates they are financing in order to help the GOP candidate win the next presidential election. 

I have had at least three Republican friends counsel me about what a good candidate he would be. 

Guess what, if you like him that much, you run him. He does not represent our policies or our values.

Rep. Jim Jordan says that the Dems are vilifying their most famous name. Gee, Gym, our bad.

Jordan said the Democratic Party has become the "party of censorship," and lamented the fact they appeared to have turned on their most famous 20th century family.

"We have our right to talk, our right to speak and to speak in a political fashion and not be harassed and targeted for doing so," he said.

"But they did it to, of all people, the most famous name in Democrat politics for the last, ¾ of a century – the Kennedy name. And they're so committed to this censorship, they're even going after him right now." 

I have news for you, Jim.  We believe in the policies and actions of the person, not their family name. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a liar and an ex heroin addict and can not be trusted. He has been a fount of misinformation regarding vaccinations. 

Kennedy, who spent the past 15 years building the largest anti-vaccine organization in the country, asserted he had “never been anti-vaccine.” He recounted how YouTube had deplatformed him and claimed that “nobody has ever pointed to a single piece of misinformation I published.” Incensed at the recent accusations of anti-Semitism after he was filmed suggesting COVID-19 was engineered to spare Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese people, he insisted: “I’ve fought more ferociously for Israel than anybody.”

As if that last statement means anything, considering his latest bombast. The man is an inveterate liar, he could give the orange one himself a run for his prevarication.

Kennedy also denied that he was anti-vaccine, saying he was up to date on his own shots aside from those against COVID-19.“I have never been anti-vax,” he said. “I have never told the public [to] avoid vaccination.”Kennedy has a long history of anti-vaccine rhetoric, including a retracted 2005 article in Salon falsely linking autism to vaccines. During a 2021 podcast appearance, he said he would tell people while hiking or grocery shopping not to vaccinate their children and encouraged other anti-vaccine activists to do the same.“I see somebody on a hiking trail carrying a little baby and I say to him, ‘Better not get him vaccinated,’” Kennedy stated on the podcast. Children’s Health Defense, a Kennedy-founded nonprofit, has a section on its website about “vaccine safety” featuring a video in which a mother blames a miscarriage and her daughter’s autism on a flu shot, despite overwhelming evidence that flu shots are safe and save lives.

If you guys are serious about trying to find a trojan horse candidate that can deliver for the GOP you are going to have to try a little harder. Many of us are actually paying attention. We know who you are working for.

Ranking member Stacey Plaskett (D-V.I.) noted the ties between Kennedy and Republican operatives in her remarks.In her questioning, Plaskett focused on Jason Boles, the treasurer of Heal the Divide, Kennedy’s super PAC, showing his Twitter profile, which included the phrases “MAGA” and “AmericaFirst,” on a screen in the committee room. Plaskett also showed FEC filings that listed him as the treasurer for committees supporting Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) and George Santos (R-N.Y.), and noted that Boles had supported the Republican candidate, Herschel Walker, in the 2022 Georgia senate race.“This is an individual who personally and professionally wants the Republican Party to succeed,” Plaskett said in reference to Boles.

How would a Kennedy presidency function internationally? Looks like another Putin bromance.

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. suggested Wednesday that Russia has been “acting in good faith” in various efforts to end the war in Ukraine and placed blame on the U.S. for the 16-monthlong conflict.

Kennedy has previously criticized America’s involvement in the war in Ukraine, suggesting at an event in New Hampshire on Tuesday that the conflict is the “creation of a relentless mentality of foreign domination” on the part of the U.S.

No thanks. 

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Sanoguy said...

Jr. is a nut case! I guess the Republicans think that since their leading candidate is a nut case then the Dems should have their nominee be a nut case.

If Jr. Is selected by the Dems, it would make an interesting race. Nut case vs. Nut case! The problem is, one of them would be elected and I would have to move to another country!