Sunday, July 9, 2023

Moral Dilemna

The Ukrainians are in a tough spot. They are running out of artillery and the Russian tanks are dug in. To the consternation of many people I respect, like Senators Leahy and Merkley, our President has agreed to send cluster munitions to aid the Ukrainians.

Cluster bombs are not new to the area, Russia has been using them in Ukraine, with horrible effect, for the past year. They are awful weapons and will resort in the deaths of many innocent peoples.

Apartment building hit by Russians,
 Dnitro, Ukraine - Roman Chop

But I think I have to side with the President on this one. Ukraine is faced with an existential battle for its survival. Opponents of the transfer fear that the Ukrainians risk losing moral high ground. I believe that they do not have the luxury of worrying about such lofty concerns at this point.

There are no "nice" weapons in war, every rocket and missile and bullet is deadly and risks innocent lives and the Russians have shown no qualms in targeting civilians. War means killing, it is by nature horrible and cruel. There is no way to "kill them with kindness" short of carpet bombing them with demerol or purple four way anyway.

Perhaps the use of cluster bombs will bring this point home to the Russian people, who have backed Putin's war by about an 80% margin. Ordinary Russians may feel like they have some skin in the game and convince their leaders to put the breaks on.

When the Russians understand that what they sow they will also reap, they may finally come to the realization that they can not invade sovereign neighbors and unleash these wars of terror and aggression.

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