Blue Heron in flight

Sunday, July 23, 2023


I have a somewhat conflicted view of Israel. My father was born there, my grandfather lived there and is buried there. I have lived there myself for two protracted periods, in times of conflict including Desert Storm. It was never a particularly easy place for me to live.

Although I met wonderful people there, when I last visited I perceived a definite change in attitude in the country since I first lived in Gesher Haziv in the 1970's. I found myself disliking a lot of the people on my last visit, the ultra right settlers, the Russian emigres and haredi. I saw many of them both becoming and resembling their own worst enemies. 

Having said that I am so cheered by the number of people in the street protesting Netanyahu's judicial power grab. 

You Israelis I love. 

Thank you for once again giving me hope. 

The sooner the two faced Bibi is gone the better, for Israel and the entire region. 

I love you Israel and I want you to survive. It feels good to see my people in the streets. Good people, forward thinking people, people interested in both security and a true peace in the region. People with a Jewish soul and heart.

Time for the duplicitous Prime Minister to retire and take care of his health, let a real and honest leader lead. 


Lena said...

I couldn’t agree with you more! ✡️

Jon Harwood said...

It looks like some of the world's right wing governments are reaching the limits of their popularity. Israel speaks for itself with the ultraconservatives trying to shove their preferences down everyone else's throat. England went through Brexit and now most English regret it. MAGA has gone about as far as it can in this country with the Republicans on the verge of nominating a self immoliating candidate. And Russia? Who knows? Anyone else care to join the lineup, Hungary, Turkey?

Liz said...

I totally agree with you. They are because their enemies. As I get prouder and prouder of my Jewishness, the more scared and angry I am of most Israelites.