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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Sole Man

On account of the fact that it is blazing hot out, here and in a large cross section of the rest of the country, barring New England of course, where it is torrential rain, my wife tells me that it is time to cook lighter food and cut back on the roasts and chops. Summer food time.

Since I am a cooking neophyte and just getting my wings after a lifetime out of the kitchen I am cool with that and thinking about preparing lighter fare.

She called Albertson's for me this morning and the woman in the meat department told her that they had a new box of fresh wild caught dover sole in. I bought four nice large fillets this afternoon and they gave me a big bag of ice so that I could get them home in ship shape.

Leslie was late getting back from Temecula so I wasn't sure what to do about dinner. We staged it, the point being we could stop after the first course or continue on.

I dredged two fillets and did a simple sole meuniere. First cooked the sole in clarified butter and then after lemon and parsley hit it with bubbly brown butter. I used the three or four minute on one side and flash cook the other side method and the fish held up perfectly, was delightful. We ate it with a nice cucumber dill salad with sour cream.

I asked her if she was down for more and she was. We made the next course together. 

We took the last two fillets and dredged them again, then added a filling of celery, crab, Argentinian red shrimp, mayo, panko, garlic, chili powder and smoky paprika. 

Rolled them up and stuck toothpicks through them, did a quick 20 minute bake at 400. 

The excess filling got cooked in a pyrex bowl. 

Wasn't a thing of beauty on the plate but darn did it taste good. Delicate as a sand dab, cooked to perfection and really hit the spot.

My dad loved sole, I like it too and wonder why I don't eat more of it? 

We tend to do more salmon and tuna. 

Sole almandine next up.


RoxAnn said...

Looks delicious. I love sole and sand dabs, so delicate. We used to go to Scoma’s on the wharf in SFO and have their sand dabs. The waiter in his tuxedo would put one arm behind his back and with two spoons in the other hand artfully debone the fish. Perfection.

RoxAnn said...

No kidding? Loved that restaurant in the late 70s and 80s.

Blue Heron said...

I went to the one in Emeryville mostly. By the Holiday Inn. always my favorite S.F. seafood restaurant.

RoxAnn said...

There was also one in Palm Springs. Which always seemed odd to me.

Kent said...

Robert, do you ever grill or smoke ?
I cook a lot and enjoy the bbq.