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Thursday, July 20, 2023

Sour Grapes

There's an interesting kerfuffle going on at Nextdoor. I am not on Facebook but I imagine it is being repeated there as well.

A recent homebuyer and some of his neighbors are complaining about the noise coming from concerts at Monserate Winery. Have taken decibel readings and say their peace is being disturbed. An equally contentious group of winery supporters are telling him that he should have checked the situation out before he bought there.

I don't have a dog in this fight and can see where both sides are coming from.

But what astounds me is the nastiness and vitriol as well as the utter disregard by winery proponents towards the neighbors' complaints.

They have absolutely no compassion. 

Some that live close by say the music is not a problem, others seem violently allergic to soft jazz, not sure how bad or how loud it actually gets or how often it occurs.

As I said in a comment, something like this situation is never a problem until it is your problem.

You would think that both sides could be a bit more tolerant towards each other and a middle ground could be found, but then again I am a hopeless romantic.

Instead they talk past each other and hurl nasty invectives.

I don't know much about the winery operations but I was wondering about the environmental effects of a winery versus a golf course. Which would be worse?

I assume that they use at least some pesticides on the grapes. Golf courses use a ton as well.

I lived and went to school near strawberry fields in Oxnard when I was in high school and there was a lot of pesticide drift. 

I never felt well, whole time I lived there.

I don't know how this will play out but am reminded of what happened in Fallbrook years ago when Ben Price was running the then separate Fallbrook Sanitary District. They had an active solid waste vermiculture operation. 

A new development went in next door and the county shut down the entire existing multi million dollar operation because the new neighbors complained that the smell was intolerable.

I wonder where my readers side on this one. Do you feel sympathy for one side or the other or both? Or do they deserve each other? Is Monserate Winery such a positive for our community that the feelings of a few disgruntled neighbors should be ignored? Am I missing something here that I should be aware of?

Just wondering...


Jon Harwood said...

This product could be handed out by the winery to mollify and pacify those whose hearing is being disturbed.


Blue Heron said...

God, this is so typical. People being so miserably rude.
Here’s the bottom line - the people who own and are developing the winery (and it looks like an accompanying industrial complex) basically saved the home values in the Gird Valley. When the golf course failed, things were pretty grim for resale value of homes. Those property owners should say thank you for the new development - and sell now if they are so inclined. Doesn’t matter whether you like wine or not. So many neighborhoods in So Cal still have deserted golf courses and diminishing home values.
While the new owners are property value saviors, it doesn’t give them the right to be bad neighbors if music noise is over the legal limit or time constraints in the evening are not adhered to. Everyone is entitled to their peace as the law provides.
Like it or not, my advice is grow up and be an understanding member of polite society.
My only comment about the new facility is the architectural design looks out of place in the Gird Valley. It looks like a cookie cutter from Temecula or Napa. Would be nice if they designed it to blend with the topography better.

Debbie Ramsey

Jeff Nichols said...

You already know how I feel about it from my ND posts. I've tried to stay away from the forum, because interacting with idiots makes me cranky.

1. The original complainer spent all his time posting lies and half-truths to try to swing neighbors over to his side. Things like "the winery will reduce your property value", and "they can't make enough money selling wine, so their real plan is to become a big concert venue." Total BS.
2. The original complainer now has a side kick who spends his time trying to trap people into saying something that would support the complainer's position. Using the old "have you stopped beating your wife" style question. A wannabe prosecutor.
3. Not one person has a single fact to offer. This is solely an issue between the complainer and the winery, and it will be settled via scientific measurements of sound levels. Not some doofus waving his cell phone SPL app around in his backyard.
4. The complainer bought his property across from the winery this spring. Hearing music many nights can't possibly have been a surprise.
5. I think all the Gird Road homeowners owe the winery owners (Jade Work) a LOT of thanks and consideration. Gird Valley could have been a real mess, and he saved all the property owners from that uncertainty.

Anyway, this is the second time I've engaged the NextSoor mob online, and I should just stop. They're not nice or rational people.

Blue Heron said...

I appreciate that Jeff. I just have one question? Do you notice how both sides talks past each other, completely disregarding what the other side might actually say? That is a bit troubling to me. Some nastiness on both sides.

Having said that, I appreciate your perspective on this. You are obviously way more aware of the facts of the situation than I am.

Linda Wilson said...

I was in attendance at the last Monserate music event that occurred around the time the guy posted. I have not been on next-door in a while because I can't stand the people that are on there. The music was not loud and it was finished by 9:30! I heard Ken Rexrode was seen with management doing a sound level check. Fallbrook is lucky to have Montserrat winery vs. complaining neighbors, not so much! The guy is just being an idiot. I guess you know where I stand.

Sanoguy said...

The music is over by 10:00PM… as has been said, the Monserate Winery is a great asset to the Gird Valley and to all of Fallbrook… and… I live very close to the winery, I can view the vines on the east side of Gird from my yard.

I also have been at the winery for a number of concerts for over a year. They bring out a lot of people who are spending money as well as enjoying themselves.