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Tuesday, July 11, 2023


My productivity at an all time low undergoing these treatments and the ensuing tsuris, I try to get at least a couple things done each day, just for self respect. Having just fulfilled my daily quota, I can write again, albeit briefly.

Yesterday I got a note from Chase, one of my credit card companies, about a possible charge that I did not recognize. Of course, often times today, these emails are themselves spoofs designed to plunder your coffers so I went online to double check. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

I looked at my last statement and there were a series of small charges, around $1.29 a piece and a slightly larger one that I did not recognize. I called them up and sure enough I was getting hit, probably all set for the big one. We cancelled the card and now I will have to contact all the companies that I auto-paid on this account and switch them over. What a drag.

I wonder what I have missed? Not real attentive to my statements, will be more so now.


I have listened to various commentators of late explain that the only legal strategy Donald Trump has is to get elected and then see if he can pardon himself. His slow play on the upcoming trial seems to confirm this. Luckily he has a hand picked judge who seems more than willing to play along. Should be interesting.


I was surprised that Turkey relented on Sweden being allowed into NATO. Whatever Biden said must have worked. The President's record on international matters is actually pretty darn good, if you look at it objectively. Russia has to be exceedingly pissed with Erdogan but he wants those F-16's really badly and also acceptance into the EU. Turkey had to make a choice and now Russia will have two very muscular countries on its western flank.

Honestly, I did not see it coming. Turkey believes that Sweden has been giving cover to Kurdish separatists that they call terrorists and Sweden appears to be putting the clamps down somewhat. Kurds are a forgotten people, deserving of a homeland, the Ottoman nation of Kurdistan now a mere memory to most. 


Amazingly, the Marine corps is without a Commander for the first time since 1910 because an idiot Senator from Alabama named Tommy Tuberville has blocked all military promotions. Tuberville is sore because the military will allow its troops to exercise reproductive responsibility for their own bodies and get abortions. This guy is dumb as a rock if not dumber and is vying with Arizona's Paul Gosar for the congressional white supremacy crown. Disgraceful.

On the local front, I was also surprised that LAFCO allowed FPUD and Rainbow Water to leave the San Diego County Water authority and purchase water elsewhere. It makes sense, will purportedly save about $7 million dollars a year after the exit fees are paid off. We pay more for water than anyone in the nation, the SDCWA forces us to pay for capital infrastructure that we never see a drop out of to our south.

But already in our town, I see people on social media decrying the move, saying it will only help farmers and agriculture. How divisive and stupid.  Just what we don't need, a civil war between "townies" and farmers. The lower water cost will help all of us. The thing still has to go to a vote, but if the normal chicken littles around town have their way, they will kaibosh the deal and leave all of us with our ridiculous water bills.

The true dirty deed of course is Assembly Bill 530, introduced in May by Tasha Boerner Horvath of Encinitas, to amend California’s Water Authority Act, would require a majority vote in both the separating district and the county to complete such a detachment. Way to keep the thralls in check.


Is it just me or did anyone else notice that the horse shit on the old Fahnenstock mural at Main and Alvarado grows larger with every repaint? One day it will engulf the painting. And when did that dog get there?

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