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Saturday, July 8, 2023

Saturday potpourri

I had a pretty epi bloom yesterday. 

A branch was given to me by my old friend Greg Boren several years ago, a man who has been terribly incapacitated with MS.

The epi is named Clown and was hybridized by another old friend at the Epi Society, the late George French from Ocean Beach.

Beautiful flower.


I ran into Warren Bishop in Hillcrest the other day, met him at a friend of his's shop near his home. 

Always great to see Warren, lots of Fallbrook misses him and I do too.

He's hobbling around pretty good, still has a lot of energy, at least a hell of a lot more than I do at this point.


I also received a call from my great buddy Bruce Taylor, who flew in from Alabama to see Fallbrook "one last time." Don't think he was here for long...

Great to see my pals.


There is a gofundme page to cover the funeral expenses of a poor Fallbrook kid named Santiago Gaspar. Killed by a drunk driver.

Give what you can.


I caught a snap through my window of this homeless patriot walking across Main the other day.

Amused me for some reason.


I stopped off at Lindo Lake after my treatment yesterday and shot this picture of the black crowned night heron. 

Hadn't seen one in a while.

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