Blue Heron in flight

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Dos halcóns de mi valle.


People that live near Red Mountain and off Willow Glen Rd. are all familiar with the hawk that sits on the tall tree across from Tinker's Transient Headquarters. She sits on the tallest bough every morning and surveys her keep.

As I was driving in this morning to clean up the mess I made in my shop I noticed two birds together on the tree. I pulled off onto some anonymous neighbor's driveway and decided to grab a shot. 

It was so far away I had no idea what they were actually doing but had the 400mm on the seat and took this shot from great distance. 

Luckily I did not interfere with any romantic interlude.

I have been all around this land and have never seen a higher concentration of hawks than my own Santa Margarita River Valley and its environs. 

And it had to be this way since the beginning of time or the Spanish would not have named the mountain I live under Gavilan, which translates to small raptor in Spanish.

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