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Monday, July 24, 2023

Selective indignation once again

Apparently there is a scene in the new Oppenheimer movie where the principal stops during intercourse with his girlfriend to read a small passage from the Bhagavad Gita.

Wouldn't you know it, the Hindu nation is now up in arms. They actually want the scene deleted from the movie.

In a statement Saturday, India’s Information Commissioner, Uday Mahurkar, said the scene was “a direct assault on religious beliefs of a billion tolerant Hindus,” likening it to “waging a war on the Hindu community.” 
“We do not know the motivation and logic behind this unnecessary scene [in the life] of a scientist. But this is a direct assault on religious beliefs of a billion tolerant Hindus, rather it amounts to waging a war on the Hindu community and almost appears to be part of a larger conspiracy by anti-Hindu forces.”

What I find comically tragic is that this is the same week that news comes down about a mob of "tolerant Hindus" that gang raped an 18 year old girl in Manipur and the cops did nothing for two months until the issue got too hot to sit on anymore.

The poor girl in this incident was Christian, but the Hindus have committed rape on numerous occasions against Muslim women in their country. And Brahmin assailants tend to get away scot free.

C.K. Raulji, a BJP lawmaker who sat on the panel, told Indian media outlet MoJo Story that the convicts are “Brahmins” — upper-caste Hindu — and had “good values.”

“Their family’s activity was very good; they are Brahmin people,” Raulji said, referring to their privileged caste. “And as it is with Brahmins, their values were also very good.”

I have to think that the fact that a woman is raped every fifteen minutes in India and that the country is rife with sectarian violence is more important than a scene from a movie that supposedly disparages Hinduism. Ultra nationalism is ugly, no matter what country or people perpetuate it.

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