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Thursday, August 10, 2023

Dropping in on a Thursday...


  • Cam sent a rather vulgar youtube video regarding internet porn. [Caution, open at your own risk]
  • Shawn sends a beautiful shot from his home in Thailand.

He says that it was not a bad day. Guess not.

  • Will sent this over. Thought this sort of stuff only happens in Florida.
  • Manring in Japan offers a blues harmonica video from Sonny Boy Williamson. The original I think, not #2. I will know when I listen.
  • Ricardo shares music, Playing for Change.
  • Melanie gets political.
  • And in the same general vein, I forget who sent this...

  • Big thank you to Wagman, he bought me lunch yesterday at Rosas.

  • I forgot to mention it but I won the Mega Millions lottery on Tuesday. I don't think it will change my life much but lose my phone number, please.

All kidding aside, I matched one number, the mega, I believe that I double my money. Yee ha!

  • I visited Village Roots for the first time with Tony Campbell the other day. Good food  and company. They did a nice job in there.

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