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Thursday, August 10, 2023

It makes no difference

Obviously my favorite song from a band with a glorious songbook with many great songs. I have posted it so many times. Sung by my favorite performer in the band, Rick Danko, but written by Robertson.

I highly recommend reading Levon Helm's book, "This Wheels on Fire." It delves into the Bands' history, the love hate relationships in the band, the other performers feeling that J. Robbie never gave them a fair shake on royalties. They can work it out in purgatory I guess.

But Levon does heap praise on Robertson's guitar playing in the book. He even says that he is a better guitar player than Mike Bloomfield, which I find preposterous. Robertson's playing is an acquired taste. He hits enough out of tune notes, on purpose mind you, that it gets catchy I suppose. But Bloomfield played with an unmatched fire and brilliance, at least in my book.

They're all going like flies, soon all of our musical and artistic heroes will be on the other side of the dirt. Everybody but Dylan that is, the crotchety old bastard will outlive us all.

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