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Friday, March 15, 2024

Checking in again


Early spring is a special time in Southern California.

This was sunrise this morning in my garden.

I cut the echium in front of the jubea palm and I think it is liking the extra light. Magnificent palm but very slow grower.

Gophers are starting to raise havoc, and dirt piles again the last couple weeks.

Lots of pretty colors coming out in the plant life.

We have beautiful orange African daisies growing wild on the roadside, fitting right in with the native poppies.

And the hills are awash in cobalt colored lilac or ceanothus bushes.

They are quite the sight, blue purple mountain majesties indeed!

Jamie and I found a beautiful mushroom on the ground at the building next door. Giant!

I drove out to my wildlife area on Wednesday and pretty much got skunked, for birds anyway. Had a nice hike but raptors were few.

Still it was lovely to be out there. Saw three owls in a tree, although far away, a turtle and some other stuff. Lots of egrets and tree swallows. Ibis.

This tamarisk like plant's normal green foliage is turning a pretty pink.

That's about it. Not a lot more to report.

I didn't take one picture worth a darn and I really don't care.

The ponds are starting to shrink a bit. The decoys are all beached. Sort of funny.

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