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Sunday, March 24, 2024

Harry Nilsson

Banging track. Sort of a J.J. Cale vibe. I heard this on Sirius the other day and was wondering if Lennon was playing on it? He, and the rest of the fab four loved Nilsson. John drank with him a lot in Los Angeles. Have you ever watched the Nilsson documentary? Extraordinary talent, so musical, he could do anything, in any genre. Sort of like Rundgren.

Anyway, I found out, no Lennon on this track. But it does feature Ringo on drums and Klaus Voorman on bass along with Frampton and Chris Spedding on guitar, Nicky Hopkins on piano and Bobby Keys on sax.

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Kerr A. Lott said...

I love Harry Nilsson's music, I have all his albums and they're all fantastic. I'm not a fan of studio trickery, multi-tracking and all that sort of thing, but it worked for Nilsson. Too bad he was such a boozer.