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Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Roasted strawberry scones with walnut

I had seen a recipe for strawberry scones recently that looked intriguing and decided to see what I could do last night. The recipe called for pistachios but I used walnuts instead. Last time I used pistachio the flavor really didn't come across very strongly and it was lost. 

Rather than upping my flour and adding an additional egg like the King Arthur people did in the recipe I stuck with my tried and true method for scone building. Why mess up a good thing?

I paid a king's ransom for a large container of organic strawberries at Albertsons. My wife is a stickler for berries being organic as they take a lot of pesticide as do grapes and peaches. I bought some frozen organic too, just in case.

I have never baked with strawberries before but remembered how bland the blackberries were and so I took preventive measures to add a little punch and flavor.

I rinsed the strawberries and diced them up, laying them on a parchment lined baking sheet. I coated them with sugar and roasted them for twenty minutes. This really brought the sugar level up and made them very jammy.

I scraped them off the parchment with a pastry blade and added them to the dough mix. 

I did not use ginger or any additional flavor set this time, preferred to let the strawberry speak for itself. 

I made my standard dough and added cinnamon. Brushed the tops with cream and sprinkled a little turbinado sugar on top. The sugar in the raw packets I "borrow" from coffee shops.

Flattened the whole batch to a disc on the pastry board, cut them out into rough blobs and put them back on the same baking sheet in which I had roasted the berries.

I popped them in the oven at a convection bake setting for about 18 minutes at 375°.

They were not quite crispy enough so I let them sit in the hot oven for about two more minutes. Perfect!

I let them sit on an elevated rack and cool while I prepared the icing, a straight sugar vanilla.

They were quite good, albeit a bit rustic.

The strawberry came through pretty well but the flavor set was one dimensional. Not quite enough punch.

Good, but certainly not as good as last week's cranberry blueberry with ginger and lemon icing. 

Perhaps I should have tried the pistachio?

We will see what happens next. Perhaps it is time for a little chocolate in the mix?

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RoxAnn said...

They need my homemade strawberry jam!