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Monday, March 11, 2024

La Jolla trek

Leslie and I left Fallbrook, both in a good, mellow mood. We made our way to La Jolla to see Stan and Tracy, my GPS wanted to take the 52, hers wanted the 56 so we compromised, the 56. Easier to do it her way, what the hell. We got on La Jolla Village Drive and I said, "That's odd, 5.2 miles but it says it will take 26 minutes to get to Casa de Manana.

It ended up taking every bit of that and more. Insane dehumanizing trafffic.

We had a nice time with our friends, and a nice lunch, she loved the scones by the way. 

Walked across the street and watched the seal pups scurrying around.

Lena and Ron were also in La Jolla, meeting her brother Barry so afterwards we stopped by Lilli, a coffee shop that sits in the same spot as his longtime haunt the Pannikin did.

As beautiful as La Jolla is, I could not live there. 

It was a zoo, people everywhere and I have discovered that I can not handle tons of people and compression anymore.

After all those years in New York, it doesn't matter, crowds freak me out.

Fallbrook and wide open spaces has ruined me for civilization.

No wonder I never want to open my shop.

By the way, do you know what La Jolla means? Neither did I and in fact there are two schools of thought on the matter... I will go with cave.

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