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Wednesday, March 27, 2024

These days...

Michael Calvanese sent over a very interesting piece on fear and the amygdala from Delancey Place.



Such a beautiful time of the year. 

A warm moon in the morning chill.

The ceanothus is cranking like never before with all the winter rain.

Wisteria is doing its thing.

My echium and rock rose are starting to bloom.
Hooded orioles back.

We Fallbrookians are very blessed.

We have lost two great Fallbrookians recently, Steve Gaggero and Gerald Port.

Both of those gentlemen were top notch.

I believe that I met Jerry in the seventies when I used to drive up to Fallbrook to play basketball at the Boy's and Girls Club.

His late father became a very close friend. Here is a picture of them both with Jerry's wife, Denise.

Steve, the owner of Good Earth Nursery, was never less than kind and wonderful to me.

Speaking of nurseries, I was talking to an oldtimer the other day who remarked what a shame it was to lose Nickerson's Nursery.

I agree.

Place used to be so great and vibrant and then poof, it has lain dormant for how long?

Sad. And for why?


I lost a long time compatriot from the antique world this week, Bill Noonan.

A proud son of Kentucky, Bill was a wonderful man who loved pottery and art.

He will be greatly missed.

Bill is on the right in this picture from Modern Times or a Glendale Show, maybe the only one I have.

Not quite sure who the pageboy guy is next to him in the garish tie dye?

Think that is all I have got for now. Client coming...

This cool shirt on NextDoor:

The rescued baby hedgehog was really a pom pom.

Thinking, fast and slow.

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