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Sunday, March 10, 2024

Chocolate, caramel, hazelnut scone with candied lemon rind

I have been really busy and embroiled at work, haven't had a minute to relax so I am going to try to not think about work and stress today if I can avoid it. This week looks like it will be difficult. We are going to visit dear friends in La Jolla today, Stan is in some sort of late stage with his pulmonary disorder and we are overdue.

I got up at six this morning, which was really five, and made scones.

This is a very different type of scone than I have ever attempted, all out of my head, of course.

This is a chocolate, salted caramel, hazelnut scone with candied lemon rind. 

I have never put chocolate in my scones before.

But I had to make some changes on the fly with this batch. I didn't realize I only had 3/4 of a cup of all purpose flour so I made up the balance with self rising. Because of this I reduced my baking powder from two teaspoons to a single teaspoon. 

I wasn't sure what would happen with the self rising but I honestly can't tell after the bake.

The verdict on the scone itself? Interesting. A great dipping scone if you have a cup of coffee nearby. But I used unsweetened chocolate chips and probably wouldn't do that again. When I looked at the package and saw what I had put in the dough I found a Ritter salted caramel bar and cut it up and mixed that into the batch for a little more sweetness. 

I used a lot of hazelnuts but the flavor still got lost a little bit. The caramel comes through in a beautiful toffee like way. I probably could have put more of the candied lemon rind in but wanted it to be subtle and need to eat a couple more to really get a sense of its impact. I have only had two bites, waiting for my wife to wake up to get her opinion.

I didn't ice this batch, figured the chocolate was enough and there were plenty of flavors going on. I did add lemon zest to the dough and vanilla extract. No cinnamon this time, no sugar wash. I am thinking about maybe adding a little coffee if I ever do this again, the scone reminds me of a nice Mexican Mocha.

A scone for a cup of coffee. We will see what Stan and Tracy think.

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