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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Same old...

I have had my gallery on Main Avenue for going on twenty eight years now. We've always had responsible and good neighbors on the block but have had less luck with the building in back of us. 

When it was a welfare office their "clients" liked to park in my marked parking spaces out back and then said I was selfish when I complained.

Then the powers that be had the bright idea to cut the three beautiful trees out front down and let the place go ragged.

Finally the Mission Resource Conservation District took over, a group whose ostensible purpose was to tell people how to manage their properties responsibly, and decided to create a "what not to do" jungle environment and let the weeds go native.

They finally realized that the sweetheart deal from the county was still not enough to make a go of things. Goes to show that you can never give anybody anything because they probably won't take care of it. A sinkhole mysteriously entered the equation at some point and they vamoosed off the property, which I am assuming has a new owner.

But not before leaving all their trash outside to blow around and keep the shithole vibe alive. Been there for several weeks.


Hasta la Vista. It hasn't been so great.

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