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Monday, March 4, 2024

Welcome to the neighborhood


Yesterday afternoon I saw the first vermilion flycatcher I have ever seen in the Santa Margarita River Valley on top of an oak in my yard. And I have been there for over forty years.

I didn't have a camera so I share an older shot but it was a male and I was stoked to see him. I have taken their picture in the San Luis Rey but never here.

I told Beth and Ken Weaver. He says there is no record of them in the valley. Beth said that a birder at SMER saw a hooded oriole there yesterday. A bit early.

Spring is definitely on its way, first blooms of ceanothus displayed their royal purple hues the other day, hawk on the nest, wisteria ready to pop. Should be magnificent with all the rain we have had.

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Julie Reeder said...

That is beautiful! I have never seen one or even heard of it. I love the hooded orioles though.