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Monday, March 4, 2024

Monday stretch

I went to yoga class today at Sage Yoga. It is located next door to my shop. I haven't done it for about thirty years. 

I am losing flexibility and thought it would be a good time to get back on board, especially since I have two months off from shows. Hopefully can get into a routine.

They have a really good instructor that works with older people, Leslie Salmon. 

She is a woman with a great reputation who uses blocks and bands and really stays on top of how you are doing.

The class is called Aligned Yoga. I have two bad knees but I got through it fine and will be back Thursday. It was just what I needed. Like riding a bike.


After yoga I treated myself to a manicure, pedicure. 

Maybe after a few months of yoga I will have an easier time reaching my own feet?

I got a call in the middle of my pedicure and consummated a deal selling four prints to a museum.

So all in all, it has been a good day. Took care of my body, clipped my nails and made a decent small sale. What more could you want?

I still have tons to do getting my shop unpacked but it will happen.

Ken wanted to shoot owls with me tomorrow but I had to table it for a week until I catch up with all of this stuff I am behind on.


I have had a homeless person sleeping behind my shop all week. I had to step over them to open the back door yesterday.

I don't really like my back porch being used as a hotel but I didn't have the heart to put someone out in the rain we have had all week.

But I have noticed that they are leaving a lot of trash around. 

I left a note on the blanket yesterday on the way home. 

Sleep here but don't leave trash behind.

This morning the blanket was gone but all the trash was still there.


We have an epidemic of homelessness and mental health issues in this town.

And it would be one thing if they were homegrown but they are not.

I talked to both a deputy and a private investigator. 

The homeless and mentally unstable are being bussed in from both Orange and Riverside Counties as well as San Diego.

They are given three hundred dollar a day vouchers for lodging, who knows what they are doing with their food vouchers? Trading them for what?

We have had a rash of new crazies in town and we have had a couple murders of late perpetrated by these wacked out individuals, including ol' Captain Jack down at the Econo Lodge. 

My friend sent me these pictures yesterday, guy sunning himself by the Porsche Restoration shop.

If I was mis-endowed like that I might have got a little nutty too. Little chocolate snowman.

In any case, I am getting fed up with the trash, the poop, the nutcases. Who said to send them all to Fallbrook?

We have got all the homegrown crazies we can handle. All you compassionate enablers out there, let them live in your yard, not behind my shop.


After the very successful show at the Fallbrook Library the last photography show at the Art Center crashed like a big thud.

I framed a lot of stuff for the show, through a miscommunication much more than they could evidently use.

Framing is expensive.

Had interest in one piece, the director asked me if I could lower my price. I did so, by fifty bucks but obviously not enough to sew the deal.

The problem is that they put 40% on top of everything. After framing costs it leaves the photographer with basically nothing when they start taking discounts.

Which is how I think most people treat photography, as a worthless commodity. Not sure if they offered fifty bucks off their percentage, not my business but I sort of doubt it.

I do know that when they asked me if I would donate the piece to them for free, I said, no, as politely as I could muster.

Never again.

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