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Saturday, March 2, 2024

The week back

It has been a decent week. I tried to take some time off and recharge my dwindling batteries but can't say I feel fully charged as yet.

I caught an Aztecs game with Kent Tuesday night that didn't start until eight and the drive home kicked my ass a little bit.

We won. Couple more games until the conference tournament, we will not win the conference this year, everybody else in the Mountain West is finally catching up.

Todd did some clean up on my place. It is looking pretty good after all the rain. Here is a shot of the front yard on a rare sunny day.

My bromeliad ballansae flower spikes are now bursting with seed. 

Looking for people that want to germinate them. 

Boy, does that plant love my yard. 

Never seen anything like it. 

Likes half shade.

One of my absolute favorite plants and flowers. 


Wagman is getting new floors and has taken to carrying his dog around on his head. Nice view.

Leslie has been cooking up some delicious meals. She caramelized pineapple and made a red duck curry this week. She made hot marinated asian style pickles as well. Truly fabulous.

Then the other night she brought a giant slab of sushi grade ahi home, crusted it with spices and herbs and slightly seared it. Served it with cilantro rice. Unbelievable.

I made short ribs on Wednesday or Thursday. Made a lot, leftovers tonight.

I also whipped up a batch of nectarine, pecan ginger scones. I used a vanilla lemon icing this time.

I think I will double the batch next time. These things just disappear too quickly.

Have a great weekend. 

I was going to go shooting with Ken next week but I still haven't emptied my boxes and I need to take care of business first.

I think I secured a nice new estate yesterday. Working things out. Wish me luck.

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